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Follow along with Dave Miller, SVP, and Charles Leyh, CEO, of Enterprise Bank in Pittsburgh, PA, as they dive into the worlds banking, entrepreneurship, small business, and government, and how they all affect each other. Through a series of enlightening episodes, learn about the most complex, regulated and misunderstood industry in the country and how not all businesses are created and financed equally.

AUDIO* Viewer Discretion Advised or Despised? Censorship in America

October 8, 2021

Should Social Media platforms have the power to censor your First Amendment right? Or should they have the ability to silence your voice, political leaders and opinions that differ from their own? Join Dave Miller as he sits down with former United States Government Officials, Melissa Hart and Keith Rothfus to discuss censorship and its impact on business, COVID-19 and the government as a whole. Interested in more of Inside the Vault?

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