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Follow along with Dave Miller, SVP, and Charles Leyh, CEO, of Enterprise Bank in Pittsburgh, PA, as they dive into the worlds banking, entrepreneurship, small business, and government, and how they all affect each other. Through a series of enlightening episodes, learn about the most complex, regulated and misunderstood industry in the country and how not all businesses are created and financed equally.

Truth and Consequences: Current Public Policy Impacts on Small Business (Ft. Chuck Leyh)

June 4, 2021

How would YOU describe the word fair? In this week’s episode of Inside the Vault, Dave Miller and Chuck Leyh sit down to discuss the impacts of public policy on small businesses. They will talk about taxation rates new leadership is proposing, how pandemic relief is creating inflation, and the difference of unemployment benefits pre and post pandemic! If you want to be our next guest on Inside the Vault or want to hear about any specific topics feel free to send us an email at, and make sure to subscribe!