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Follow along with Dave Miller, SVP, and Charles Leyh, CEO, of Enterprise Bank in Pittsburgh, PA, as they dive into the worlds banking, entrepreneurship, small business, and government, and how they all affect each other. Through a series of enlightening episodes, learn about the most complex, regulated and misunderstood industry in the country and how not all businesses are created and financed equally.

You Know Where Your Money is Going. Big Brother May Soon Too

September 9, 2021

Join us as Season 2 of Inside the Vault launches with one of our most important episodes ever.

From ICBA: Policymakers in Washington have proposed requiring banks to report virtually all their customers’ bank account information and activity to the IRS regardless of the customers’ consent.

While community banks do not endorse such broad IRS access to their customers’ account information, consumers need to be aware of the potential effects of this proposal.


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